What is the difference between an air cushion puff and a sponge

Sponge is more suitable for liquid products such as foundation, and air cushion powder puff is usually used with air cushion foundation; Different properties: sponges can absorb water, and air cushion powder can not; Durability is different: Air puff is more durable than sponge, and air puff is more convenient to carry, you can easily and quickly touch up makeup.

Air cushion puff and sponge are two commonly used makeup tools, each has its own advantages, air cushion puff is more suitable for dry use, and sponge is more suitable for wet use. In addition, the air cushion powder puff is easy to carry and can be used to make up anytime and anywhere outside, so girls' makeup bags are essential. The sponge in the makeup because of a variety of shapes can make a variety of cosmetics evenly fit on the face of all parts, so the same popular with girls.

Compared with sponges, air cushion powder puff will not be too "eat powder", and the utilization rate of foundation is higher, but it is more susceptible to the impact of dust and bacteria in the air, so the air cushion powder puff should be strengthened after use. The sponge also needs to be cleaned every day after use, and the two are the same in this respect. Because it has good water absorption, it can also be used instead of face towels in the absence of water.

Sponges should be moistened with mineral water or water before use, and then soaked with cosmetics. There are many small holes inside the sponge, which can help us to absorb the dirty things in the pores, making our skin clean and smooth. If you often use sponge to make up, it can also effectively remove the keratinization of the surface layer of our skin, and it is because of this that you need to pay more attention to sponge cleaning. However, if it is cleaned too frequently, the service life of the sponge will be reduced, so the sponge should be replaced regularly.